Help especially for girls in Iraq

The focus of our new aid project in the north of the country is on supporting girls. Unfortunately, it is a characteristic of this region that especially girls and young women are severely traumatized by the conflicts of the last years…
One of our goals on the ground is to bring hours of joy and lightheartedness to a country marked by destruction and hopelessness. The children should also be allowed to “be a kid” for once and enjoy bubbles and clown interludes. Through our “Mobile Painting Room” people have the opportunity to express their feelings in peace and quiet.
  • Your donations give these girls prospects for the future, because we can use them to finance their vocational training. For the first time, the young women can take their lives into their own hands.
  • Donations in kind for the children of Iraq can be dropped off at our collection points until March 29. We personally distribute the relief supplies on site!

All information, the required donations in kind, as well as our collection points can be found here:


Let’s set a sign of humanity together! THANKS!

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