Letters from Austria for Lebanon

Shortly before the end of school in Austria, our caravan member Vici from Schreiner Bioweingut
came up with something special: At Vici’s invitation, 80 children from Rust and the surrounding area met to write letters together for the students in the refugee ghetto Shatila.
In addition to affectionate drawings, some photos of the Austrian children were also included for the first time. These photos were especially interesting for the refugee children in our school Oxygen, because for the first time they could also see the people who think about them and thus give them hope.
Thanks to Kamar, our local partner, who received the letters and personally handed them over to the teacher Batoul.🙏🏻 English teacher Shaymaa actively supported with the translation.
In the end, everyone looked at happy children’s faces, a wonderful surprise – just like that.
Thanks to Vici for your wonderful initiative!

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