The magic of the clowns

In our current aid mission in Lebanon, we are again accompanied by Clowns without Borders eV and the five artists (Heiko, Stefan, Anita, Markus and Sonja) manage to spread very special magic every day and bring a smile to the children to smack in the face.
First there were some clown shows in Shatila, the refugee ghetto, where we also support the Oxigen school, and then in another huge refugee ghetto in Beirut, the Burj al Barajneh.
Since yesterday we have been back in the crisis regions on land (Bekaa Plain, Arsal, Akker), where around 1.5 million Syrian refugees are living in tents near the border with Syria, in some cases in unimaginable conditions. Among them are thousands of orphans who urgently need our support. The shows by the artists create unforgettable memories for the children and a short break from their difficult everyday life. The clown performances enable laughter and encounters at eye level with the needy children.

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