On the way to Lebanon

Our mission for our relief work in Lebanon is simple: personal help for the many refugee children in Lebanon.
But our ways of helping on site are very different:
  • Batoul’s school
    We continue to push our heart project of a school in the middle of the large refugee ghetto in Beirut – starting with the purchase of further school materials and hiring more teachers and a cook – there is a lot for us to do on site!
  • Caravan of Clowns
    Our team will once again be accompanied by the so-called “caravan of clowns”. With their performances, the artists spread a good mood and important change in the dreary everyday life of the refugees in the camps. Laughing and dancing together creates wonderful encounters and a strong feeling of togetherness that can have a lasting effect.
  • painting therapy
    And the caravan team continues to grow: For the first time, three professional painting therapists are accompanying us. You will work with particularly traumatized children and help them to better process what they have experienced.
We still ask for monetary donations for the refugee orphans in Lebanon. Every donation helps so that we can achieve great things together on site!
➡️Our donation account:
caravan of humanity
Raiffeisen Bank Güssing
IBAN: AT14 3302 7000 0002 3408

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