Help for refugees from Ukraine

Events have unfolded over the last few days: we have been very busy organizing quick support for the people who have fled from the Ukraine.
Thanks to our wonderful cooperation partner from Carinthia, the Together association and the dedicated Angelika Tarmann, we were able to fill a huge truck with 11 tons of donations in kind today. In addition to clothing, the delivery also includes many groceries, hygiene products and medicines.
We also procured diapers and pads for women worth EUR 1,000, because these items are urgently needed locally. Thanks to Farah Alrubaye for her initiative in this regard.
The truck will set off for the Romanian-Ukrainian border as early as tomorrow afternoon. Our friend Georg Jachan and his Association for Worldwide Emergency Aid are responsible for distributing the donations in kind.
We are very pleased that we were able to help the refugees from Ukraine so quickly and unbureaucratically. Thanks especially to our cooperation partners!
PLEASE NOTE: We currently do not need any further donations in kind, because the depot of our cooperation partner in Carinthia is still well stocked!


Together we help the needy, refugees on the border and the impoverished locals.
And together we can set a sign of humanity.

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