Interview with Mohammed Lifai, who fled Syria

The 38-year-old Syrian has lived with his family in a refugee camp in the mountains of Lebanon for 7 years. More than 30,000 refugees live in this area around Arsal. The winters there get very cold.
Our team was at this camp a good month ago. The prevailing conditions there and the fact that children freeze to death here every year prompted us to decide to use 6,000 euros of the donation money to buy heating oil.
Right now in these days, the vital heating oil that you have made possible through your donations is being distributed locally by our partner NGO. We use it to ensure warmth for 1,200 people for a month! Thank you!
If you also want to donate warmth: With just 5 euros you can give someone warmth and thus security for a month. You can find our donation account below. You can also donate online here .

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