What we do when we’re not with the orphans

As light-hearted as the pictures with and with the children in the camps are, we never just drive off, but plan every relief effort in the camps as precisely as possible.
There are prior arrangements with our NGO on site. This is called “ISWA – Welfare Association” and has been active in Lebanon for more than 36 years. At first she cared for Palestinian orphans, but since the Syrian war she has also looked after Syrian orphans. Our contact person is Mahmoud Jardali, a young and motivated ISWA project manager. For example, he helps us with the permits so that we can even go to the camps. Working with ISWA is very pleasant and professional!
The planning of the clowns and artists also takes a lot of time. Here the entire appearance should be coherent and of course that requires a good agreement in advance. In addition, we then practice diligently and train – we have something to laugh about.

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