The caravan is back from Turkey

A few days ago we returned from the relief mission in southern Turkey on the border with Syria. It was a very special relief effort because, in addition to 12,500 kg of donations in kind and more than 20,000 euros in donations, we also had a large portion of joie de vivre with us: because part of the team on site were professional clowns and acrobats who accompanied us on a voluntary basis. Many thanks to the CARAVAN OF THE CLOWNS for their great work. To see the children so happy and detached from their everyday life was the best thing for us.
A huge, heartfelt thank you for each and every one of your donations, which in the end resulted in the proud sum of EUR 22,972.00. With part of the money we bought groceries, urgently needed clothing, school supplies and toys on site and distributed them among the needy people. Together we could give them a little security and joy. We also actively supported Mohammed Ismail’s “Hope Journey Project” and thus gave orphans a perspective for their future lives.
In mid-June – after weeks of negotiations – the truck with the 12,500 kg donations in kind arrived in Syria. There were over 700 banana boxes that our sorters laboriously sifted through and sorted. Thanks also to our 17 collection points throughout Austria for their important work in advance!
In addition to the 700 banana boxes, there were also 600 pairs of GEA Waldviertler shoes in the truck, which we were allowed to give to the children in Syria. That is lived, human corporate culture!
We are already planning the next project for refugees in need. If you want to set a sign of humanity, you are welcome to do so now. 100% of the donations go to the local projects.

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