The caravan is back from Greece

A few days ago the caravan of humanity returned to Austria. The pictures from the Kara Tepe camp still have an effect …

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who actively supported our aid project:

  • First and foremost at the Together association, which collected and sorted an unbelievable 3,000 banana boxes in donations and also took over the transport costs for the two trucks. With these 25 tons of relief supplies such as strollers, clothing, food, shoes, etc., we were able to help many people here.
  • Many thanks also to all donors who have provided further financial support over the past few weeks. We were able to hand over a total of € 21,645.00 for food, medicine and school materials.
  • We would especially like to thank Iring Süss from TreeBee, who supported our help for the people in Moria 2 with a total of € 8,500. In this way, the entrepreneur also motivates many other companies to become socially active. With this solidarity we can achieve and change a lot together.

We are also very happy that monetary donations are still coming in. We will of course continue to transfer all of these monetary donations directly to Greece.

If as many people as possible make a small contribution (maybe 10, 20 or 50 euros), great things can be achieved and the plight of the children and families on site can be alleviated.


Together we help people who have fled in need.
And together we can set a sign of humanity.

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