Also there: the caravan of clowns

We are pleased that our aid team in Lebanon is again accompanied by the so-called “Caravan of Clowns”. The artists, clowns and artists enable a very special encounter with the children: Thanks to their performances, we meet the orphans at eye level, by laughing together we touch their hearts and they can leave their difficult life behind for a short time.
The “Caravan of Clowns” has also grown: thanks to a cooperation with Clowns Without Borders, artists from Germany are also there. We are particularly pleased that the famous soap bubble artist Dr Bubbles is part of the support team again. His soap bubble spectacle ensures open eyes, mouths and hearts every time.
The artists will use the time until their departure on October 14th to coordinate and rehearse performances together.
Donations of money are still urgently needed and possible! Thank you for your support!

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